Drive Thru Diaries 01 - Napkins Man!

The first episode of yet another Talking is Dead interstitial podcast as Jason (@upinthisbrain) and Anthony discuss the wonder and allure of the fast food drive-thru and the soundtrack that goes into making window food a satisfying experience.

Today's Menu:

  • Taco Bell

Today's Soundtrack:

  • Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad
  • Freddy Fender - When the Next Teardrop Falls
  • WAR - Cisco Kid
  • Jose Feliciano - Chico and the Man
  • Ween - Buenos Tardes Amigo

TiD Hits the Road 15 - Can't Find My Way Home (Part Two)

After a wayward trip to the Toronto airport (where Shane WASN'T leaving from) to brunch with Maharaja Mack Daddy (which was planned when Shane thought he was leaving from the Toronto airport) on the way back to the Hamilton airport (which is where Shane was ACTUALLY leaving from) so ends our travels with Shane and Anth hitting the road.