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I've been really enjoying this podcast as it is helping me down here in the US discover some Canadian songs I did not know. But, General Hand Grenade was instantly and unexpectedly familiar. I believe it was in rotation at our local alternative station in the early 90's for some reason because I instantly remembered it from then. I never knew how old it was or where the band was from when I heard it. I have to assume that there was a DJ in Nashville back then that was a Trooper fan!
Jason, here's the Trooper Hot Shots (Greatest Hits) YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-EttUFQmWs&lis...
Love the new podcast. Candice is adorable and Anthony, as always is awesome. Loving the song choices, great bands that I plan to explore more.
Thanks Barty! You made me smile.
Dave, 93 doesn't NOT count. :-) I'm setting a 74-89 window for myself. Candice may choose to go beyond that. If you wanted to record a two minute (max) "ShortCon" about your recollections of the song, I'd be happy to insert the song behind and after it in post and put it in the podcast.