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Holy shit- gotta be careful posting to this baby- first google hit was The Talking Dead, then Walking Dead- no sireebob (does anyone say that anymore, as in yessireebob?)- I want to talk to the guys at Talking is Fucken Dead! You hit it smack bang on the head Mr. Marco when you said people who know you can sorta join the conversation just by listening, and more importantly, this IS about community and if you don't know these cares, nobody gives a shit, but if you put yourself out there and attend meetups and listen to other podcasts and comment, you soon find you're quite connected to peaple and actually start to care about them - like friends in real life (not like neversee/nevermet FaceBook friends)- cuz- no offense- who else would give a fuck what you have to say unless they actually knew you- which is just what it's all about- getting to know each other. Funny how many people just don't get that eh!
@scarboroughdude There's not much I usually disagree with you on when it comes to podcasting. I've now had many gratifying examples of people caring about what I have to say having never met them IRL, nor perhaps likely to. While you and I have certainly met, drank, and shared some great conversation, I feel I know more about you from your podcasts than I'd ever be able to get from actually talking... unless we had over 250 hrs., in the case of Dicks'n'Janes. The IRL community amplifies all of this, and I would never trade the community's influence on my creativity for anything.

Thanks for listening to our new podcast and commenting.

How embarrassing! After reading your reply I reread my original comment, and I too have to disagree with what I posted. I think I meant to say was it's more enjoyable, at least to me, listening in on the kind of conversation in this podcast, and your others, knowing something about the characters, and of course getting to know them better thru the listening. However, if I just tuned in to Talking Is Dead out of the blue, knowing neither of you, I might (I say might) just think 'wtf!?' and change channels.

Hmmm, not sure that's any better- but hey, it is a comment eh...