TiD39 - Corporate Training

A long and winding ramble, at The Central bar in Toronto, between myself and Mssrs. Rick Weiss and Steven Joncas of The Zero Check podcast. Somewhere we wandered from television to movies to children's literature to Russian brides to a Seinfeld-esque tribute to the Domincan cigar rollers with Rick's "Vietnamese" cigarette roller, culminating in a two-fisted money-making opportunity in corporate team building.

TiD38 - Goodnight Irene's

Recorded, impromptu, at Irene's Pub on Bank Street in Ottawa on June 7th, 2012 during a PAB2012 Eve meetup.

Decoder Ring for the Conversation Table

Bob Goyetche @bobgoyetche - "In the era where he's wearing this crazy wig..."

Scarborough Dude @scarboroughdude - "He's the only guy who had Jack Kerouac on."

Adam Gratrix @transpondency - "That was a time when television was a new medium."

and me @anthonymarco