Songs of Days Gone By 05 - Gollamalloo

I've used the word "gollamalloo" as a user name for emails and online handles for years now. This song is where that word comes from.

The song is basically an amalgam of weird and wacky events that occurred during parties I'd been to when I was younger. There are many nonsense words in here denoting the incomprehensible rambling of many of my fellows who were under the influence, or, in some cases, me being under the influence and perhaps ascribing such meaninglessness to what may have been cogent utterances.


the intoxicant was passed effervescent to the last
dropped a notch or two along the evolutionary scale
wormwood stole my cerebellum hid it in a shell
and stopped the outbound Reason setting sail

heart palpitating 13/8 as broadloom undertook a state
of liquefied marshmallow soup a hearty shade of pink
I quickly cried “Gollamalloo!” and paddled in vain with my shoe
but directionless I tired and promptly came the sink

Randy took a hard-boiled egg and held it to his nose
said “I’m the king of all the earth” and smeared it on his clothes
Donna took out her left breast and cupped it with a Jell-O mold
while Dave howled Tarzan calls and beat his chest

cryonic in its state the heavy albatross Grape Ape
hangs in heat transference peeling from the fabric on my chest
I hit the archetypal ground when there barked a blaring sound
and ingenue turned seismic goo encompassing the rest

crass opulence thought Eye covered the earth in plastic guise
to preserve it for the future wailing wake of dense Ragu
intelligence in this loose form uncovered “whence you are forewarned”
embroidered on a pillowcase across the sofa blue

Suzie took her lipstick out wrote epithets on Bill
collapsed after the airplane spins had made him rather ill
Rick mooned the room and tripped up on his jeans into the rug
Cin sat glass-eyed drooling playing with the plug

zen tropi magoo snore de yem farg
cola ma sigh fyris enterb
cheka terwank semina whomina snarf

gladiola moon time to cut the grass too soon
incandescent tune overwrought the 4th of June
sucked into the great monsoon…

prostrate porcelain penitence performed the unformed recitence
rejected fusili non grata adopt cheerio packs
calm countenance found my embrace entwined to cool my face
and forced remission from the aftershock attack

Karen stood up quietly said “Anth, I think I’m dying"
dropped to her knees and crying said “goodbye"
her face went pale and she collapsed in the middle of the room
Eye petrified, she smiled, jumped up shouting "Gollamalloo!"

zen tropi magoo snore de yem farg
cola ma sigh fyris enterb
cheka terwank semina whomina snarf