Songs of Days Gone By 04 - 51 Pick Up

A song about aliens and secret military bases... yep, that's about it for this one. Oh... includes a Quincy reference!

51 Pick Up

Acres upon acres of the arid desert land.
The dryer of the driest may tag Ken more than the sand.
The buzzard’s barbs so overhead it cawed its mortal caw.
The rattlesnake crept from the rock to see what he had saw.

That ball of fire burning unheeded by the clouds.
The wind whipped up the silence and banged the drums aloud.
My trail of disappearing steps approached me ever nearer
And through a sheet of burning grains the painted sign was clearer.

Come on in, roll on up to Area 51.
A place of wonder. Full of sci-fi fun.
The chariots of the gods on funky helicopter pads.
A subsidized Shambala in the sun.

Checked my bandana at the gate and took a sticky name tag.
“Hello, my name is Alejandro du Magee",
And my magic carpet gave it all searching for Brigadoon.
I should’ve made that left at Albuquerque.

Come on in, roll on up to Area 51.
A place of wonder.  Full of sci-fi fun.
Where Quincy cuts Venusian corpse on tape for pay TV.
A subsidized Shambala in the sun.

I took a walk down through the Time Tunnel and the sparks flew ‘round my head.
I had a holodeck fantasy and I left her a little dead.
Danger! Danger! will rob insomniacs of restful sleep,
‘Cause while I thought the earth stood still it was shuffling its feet.

10 000 feet below   the pod began to glow
and made a humming sound and seismatized the ground

I can see without an eye.

Space is deep is black is creeping.
Faces keep his lack of sleep erased.
Can soma get him home?
Get him out of my head!