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Don't worry Candace, no offence taken. Actually, I have to wrack my brain to come up with recording artists (I'm not sure the term "Rock Star" fits most of these) from Saskatchewan who were at all successful or recognizable. Besides the Pikes I came up with Joni Mitchell, Colin James, Sheepdogs, Wide Mouth Mason, Age of Electric, Kick Axe, Gary Fjellgard (the poor man's Gordon Lightfoot), The Waltons, Streetheart (my personal favourite), Buffy St. Marie & Cree Summer. These would be B or C list artists anywhere else. But what can I say, we're a small province and we're just happy to be invited to the party, even if we aren't the guest of honour. Keep it up guys.
And guess who was just here in Prince Albert back in October? Andy Kim. Guelph may be where the old rockers go to retire but Saskatchewan is where they go to relive their past glory. We're so behind Ontario that everything old there is new here.